Sleepless In Seattle

Seattle was like being in a dream. I got to see the city I had come to know through movies and television but had the chance to fall in love with it myself. There was an endless amount of things to do with walking around the Olympic Sculpture Park to looking out to the Space Needle from the roof of the hotel with a hot chocolate or catching the monorail to the Pike Place Market.

We only had a few days in Seattle, Washington but it was enough to make me want to move (if that was ever possible!). I was so busy taking everything around me in that I didn’t get to take many photos of my favourite places such as Pike Place Market.

I am one of the rare people around me who loves winter and would choose colder, overcast day to a sunny, hot one, so Seattle in the Winter was a perfect place for that!


We were walking distance from most of the places we wanted to visit the most or if we weren’t, there was public transport such as the monorail which was very close by. On our first morning we went for a walk to the Olympic Sculpture Park. This was such a cute area that was so perfect for relaxing and looking at the interesting views around us. There, as you would guess, was sculptures and a little walkway surrounded by trees that for a second, causes you to forget where you are.

The Space Needle is without a doubt, the most popular attraction in Seattle and I wanted to ensure I took full advantage of having the opportunity of being able to see the beautiful view. We decided to get the Day and Night ticket so we could really experience Seattle.


We were lucky to have such a beautiful view from our hotel roof (one of the reasons why we booked it). It just happened to have a Starbucks attached to the foyer so breakfast while looking at this view was an absolute must and to this day, still one of my happiest moments.

One place I loved, but did not get a single photo of was the Pike Place Market. Being from Australia, I have not seen the typical fish throwing market scene you would see in many movies such as Free Willy so when I was walking and it happened, you could only imagine my excitement! We have markets at home, but this seemed to have my dream stores in one place – a spice shop, arts, flowers and the best part… Hot Apple Cider. I regretted not buying a larger cup of that! We were able to get to and from Pike Place easily on the monorail which was one of our last spots to visit before moving on which made our time in Seattle just as seamless and relaxing as every other part.

Seattle, you have won me over and I will see you again!

Where to Stay: I stayed at the Mediterranean Inn which was in a perfect location – walking distance from most places or close to public transport.


One thought on “Sleepless In Seattle

  1. That’s completely bizarre that you love to travel in winter haha. And it’s probably better that you didn’t take many pictures — it means you were immersed in your trip and enjoying each moment. Nice post!


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