The Beauty of Western Australia

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, scary insects and the scorching sun, Perth (my hometown), in particular!

I have not had the opportunity to explore and be a tourist for many years so when the chance came up, I took it! As you will soon see why, I was very glad and grateful having made the choice to let go of my previous negative thoughts on exploring what is around me.

I went camping about 3.5 hours away from Perth in Yallingup which was a perfect spot to explore. Ensuring I had sunscreen and my camera, we went to places I had been and to even more that I hadn’t and did not know about.


Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

I have never seen a lighthouse so with Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse being close by, it was the perfect opportunity. It was a beautiful short walk and an amazing view to the ocean.


Sugarloaf Rock

I couldn’t believe I had never been to Sugarloaf – only 5/10 minutes from Dunsborough – and it was one of the most beautiful spots I had been to. I loved the glistening crystal clear blue water and the soft waves crashing around it. I loved the feeling of being somewhere new and opening my eyes to what this beautiful state has to offer.


Canal Rocks

I have never been much of a rock climber but I decided to embrace the new adventure and went so close the waves, that I didn’t have time to panic about falling in. It was so relaxing and exhilarating all at the same time. Thankfully I had my steady shoes and a wonderful husband who helped me when I got a little stuck! This was my favourite spot we visited and I left feeling on top of the world.

Mammoth Cave

I had wanted to really embrace the tourist side of Margaret River/Yallingup so what better then to go to a cave. Mammoth cave was the only one where you could tour without a guide which was something I greatly enjoyed as I could go at my own pace and really look around. The Mammoth Cave is just as big and open as you would expect and was mind blowing how it was all underneath the same land I later walked on.


Meelup Beach

I somehow didn’t get to a beach until our last day so made sure I went to one of my favourites in the world – Meelup Beach in Dunsborough. It was a little crowded so I didn’t manage to get many photos but I did manage to get one with my handsome husband who showed me the beautiful places around Yallingup.


Busselton Jetty

Being in Yallingup meant I could pop in to Busselton quite easily. I love the way the jetty stretches along the water and how everything look so serene and blue. I love how calm it all is and how everyone seemed to be enjoying their lives.


It was a quick trip down south but one that I was very fortunate to have been able to do and has ignited something inside to make me want to explore more of the world I am in.
Where to Stay: Caves Caravan Park – We camped so this was pretty cheap and had all the facilities we needed including a campers kitchen with a microwave.

What is close: Margaret River – 30mins, Busselton – 30mins, Dunsborough – 10mins.

When to go: It is always cooler down south so most of the year would be perfect except Winter.


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