Mountains – The view is great!

‘Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing’
– Barry Finlay

If there was ever a country or spectacular view I had to recommend, Switzerland would definitely be in my top 3, and for good reason.

In 2013, I visited a beautiful town, Lucerne in Switzerland. We didn’t get the chance to stay long so it is definitely somewhere I will be going back to to really breathe it all in but the small time I spent there was worth every minute.
I was fortunate enough to be there on the Swiss National Day and it was an experience like no other. There were fireworks going off everywhere, over the river while people were swimming in it, a couple of metres away from anywhere you stood. There were excited people in all around me and an atmosphere that could only be described as hope and happiness. If you got the opportunity to  be there on the National Day, take it as it is something you will never regret and not many others will have had the chance to see. I may have been on edge because of the fireworks and being in a strange place but still loved every moment. Unfortunately I had left my camera in the hotel so all I have are my memories and unable to share this with you all.

After a long and eventful night, I went to one of the most breathe taking views in the world. Stanserhorn. I took a cable car to the top and really took in the beauty this world has to offer.

I spent about an hour wandering around looking at views that I didn’t think were possible. I went for a bit of a walk and found something that made my day even more unbelievable, for the first time in my life, groundhogs.


To end this perfect morning, I bought a hot chocolate from the cafe and just spent my time staring and trying to figure out how I got to be this lucky.

Where to stay: I was on a Contiki tour and stayed close to the city centre so everywhere was walking distance which I recommend!


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