Kuala Lumpur

I felt like I had entered another world. A world where it rained even when it was hot, where the traffic lights didn’t matter and where a fruit was not allowed in hotel rooms.

I was visiting a friend in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in June and for the first time, I was going to be sight seeing in another country, on my own. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared.

I hadn’t heard too many things about KL other then to make sure I go there with eyes open and, even still, the culture differences, still startled me. From the first day I arrived, I had people constantly touching me and cars would stop and watch me walk, which as a tiny Perth female, this frightened me so I ensured to try and cover up as much as possible so I would not offend anyone.

I stayed at The Pullman which was a beautiful hotel – with an amazing view, close to public transport, one of the biggest shopping centres – The Pavilion and a 20 minute walk to many of the tourist sights, including the Petronas Towers.

On the first day, I looked around and tried to get a feel for the place before going to dinner and having an early night in. Being in a new country without anyone was a very new experience and I wish I had done a little more research on where would be the best palce to eat as I was struggling to find somewhere that I was comfortable to have my first meal at. In the end, I had Dragon-fruit Gelato, which after trying the dreaded Durian Gelato, was a pleasant lunch/snack.

On my first full day, the plan was to try get to The Batu Caves, but due to wandering around and getting lost a few too many times, I never got there. Instead, while then deciding to try get to the Petronas Towers, I got frustrated as I couldn’t find them, then realising, I was in fact inside. After feeling overwhelmed and relieved I finally made it somewhere, I went outside to really take in where I was. The Petronas Towers felt so much bigger and overwhelming once I stepped outside and had to cross the road to take a proper look.

I decided to do something a little different then what I would usually so and visited the local aquarium which I soon discovered is a fun activity to do on your own. I have never looked so closely to the sea creatures and was pleasantly surprised  by the variety of fish. I now highly recommend going if you want a relaxed couple of hours while also feeling like you were sight seeing!


After a big day of walking and dinner with a friend, I called it a night, with big plans for the next day. The original plan for the next day was to go to the KL Tower but after hoping the sky would be a little nicer the day after, I went our for lunch at a cute little English styled restaurant and then onto the Batu Caves. To get into the Batu Caves, I climbed a ridiculous amount of stairs to see a small temple where there were chickens and monkeys walking freely. I had been warned about the monkeys and to ensure I didn’t feed them as there have been a few monkey bites and they then start to hassle you for more. The stairs are incredibly narrow, and for someone who isn’t 100% steady, I was paying close attention to where I was going. After a moment of congratulations to myself for making it, I made sure to take in what was around me before making the journey down.

The Batu Caves are beautiful but I did go past a few beautiful places a little closer to KL city centre that were easier to get to and just, if not more stunning.

After I had spent a few days in KL, the last thing I really wanted to do was go up to the KL Tower which had unobstructed views over the whole city. It was a very cloudy, miserable day but something I enjoyed greatly. They have a glass box where they take photos, with your own camera (They aren’t the greatest angles!) as well as with their own, which you can later purchase for a fee ($30ish AUD). This was an activity I did with a friend and trying to figure out different poses to get a nice photo was a little embarrassing but a lot of fun.

The views were beautiful but would have been a breathtaking if it had been a little clearer and able to see the mountains in the background a little easier.

It was only a short trip, and although, it may not be my favourite country I have been to, I can see the beauty of it. It didn’t leave a great impression due to how unsafe I felt, but I was proud of making it over on my own and seeing the sights I wanted to see.

The Lowdown:

Flights: Airasia – Very cheap and affordable.
Accommodation – The Pullman were very respectful and helpful. Would be staying again if I were ever to go back.
Extra Info: Make sure to bring an umbrella and clothes to cover your knees when you go to the caves or temples.


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