Bucket List

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Welcome to my long bucket list!


Go on a Gorilla Trek
See Kruger National Park
Go on a Safari
See Victoria Falls


Go on a road trip.
Go to all States & Territories (1 /2 – Canberra, 4 /6 – WA, NSW, VIC, SA)
Go to the Great Barrier Reef
Go to the Opera House (2005, 2006, 2012, 2015)
See Sydney Harbour Bridge (2005, 2006, 2012, 2015)
See Parliament House (2005, 2006)


Taj Mahal
Visit ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur
Go to a spice market


See Great Wall of China
Visit Forbidden City
Hong Kong Disneyland

Go to a Lantern Festival

Visit the temples in Siem Reap

See the Batu Caves (2016)
See the Petronas Towers (2016)


See Niagara Falls (2013)
Go to Toronto
See the Rocky Mountains


Visit 35 European Countries (9/35 – Czech Republic, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, Germany, Greece, Italy)

Vatican City
Sistine Chapel (2013)
St Peter’s Basilica (2013)
St Peter Square (2013)

Go hot air ballooning in Cappadocia
See the Blue Mosque
See Grand Bazaar
Visit Gallipoli
Experience a Turkish bath/massage

See Lake Lucerne (2013)
Go up to the Swiss Alps (2013)
Experience Swiss National Day (2013)

See Stockholm

La Tomatina
Barcelona (2017)

Anne Frank’s House
Amsterdam Canals

French Rivera

Spice Market

Leaning Tower of Pisa (2013)
Colloseum (2013)
Mt Vesuvius (2013)
See Trevi Fountain (2013)
Visit Amalfi Coast
See Florence Cathedral (2013)
Visit Cinque Terre
See Statue of David (2013)
See Pantheon (2013)
See Milan Cathedral
See Roman Forum (2013)
Ride a Gondala (2013)
Go on the Grand Canal (2013)
See Spanish Steps
Go to Piazza San Marco (2013)
See St Mark’s Basillica (2013)
Eat Pizza (2013)
Pompei (2013)
Buy a venetian mask (2013)
Eat gelato (2013)
Hear opera live (2013)

Visit Blue Lagoon

See the Berlin Wall
See Brandenburg Gate
See Cologne Cathedral
See a concentration camp (Dachau 2013)
Visit Dresden (2017)
Go to a Beer Garden (2013)
Go to a Beer Hall (2013)
Try Pork Knuckle (2013)
Try a German beer (2013)
Try a German sausage in Germany (2017)

Go to the Acropolis (2013)
See the Parthenon (2013)
Experience being on a boat (2013)
Try Gyros (2013)
Go to a toga party (2013)
Visit Santorini
See Mt Olympias
Visit Delphi Ruins

Go up the Eiffel Tower (2013)
See the Eiffel Tower (2013)
Go to the Louvre (2013)
See the Mona Lisa (2013)
See the Love Lock Bridge (2013)
Go to DisneyLand Paris
Go to French Rivera
See Les Invalides (2013)
Have a French crepe (2013)
Try escargot (2013)
Try a baguette (2013)
Go to Moulin Rouge
Go to Nice

Go to Santa Claus Village
Visit Helsinki

The little mermaid statue
Visit Copenhagen

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar – Ottoman Bridge (Stari Most)


See the Sphinx
See Pyramid of Giza
Float in the dead sea


Milford Sound


Big Ben (2013)
Westminster Palace (2017)
River Thames (2013, 2017)
Buckingham Palace (2017)
See Guards change
Go onto the London Eye
Go to Trafalgar Square (2017)
Take London public transport (2013)
See Tower Bridge (2017)
Go up the London Shard (2017)
Harry Potter Studios (2017)
Take typical Red Telephone box photo (2017)
Go to Oxford (2017)
See Radcliffe’s Camera (2017)
Go to Cotswold (2017)

Go to Scotland (2017)



Visit at least 25 states (7/25 – Arizona, Nevada, New York, Washington, Florida, California, Hawaii, Washington DC)

See Hoover Damn (2013)
Visit the Grand Canyon (2013)
Renew Vows/Have a private 2nd wedding in Las Vegas
Go Whale Watching in Hawaii (2015)
Renew vows in Maui (5 or 10 year)
See all Islands in Hawaii (2/8)
Go on a Road to Hana tour (2015)
Go to Pearl Harbour
Go to San Diego Zoo
Go to Yellowstone National Park
Got to Yosemite National Park
Go to Alcatrez
Go around San Francisco Bay (2013)
See the Golden Gate Bridge (2013)
See the Judy Garland star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (2013)
See Hollywood sign (2013)
See the ‘Friend’ Couch in LA
Go to Universal Studios in LA (2013)
Go to Disneyland/California Adventure (2013)
Go to Universal Studios in Orlando (Including HP) (2015)
Go to Disney World (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studio) (2015)
Go up the Space Needle (2015)
Go to Pike Place/ Market (2015)
See Cloud Gate – Chicago
Go skiing in Aspen, Colorado
See Liberty Bell
Go to White House (2017)
Visit Mt Rushmore
See Central Park/NYC in winter (2015, 2017)
See Central Park/NYC in summer (2013)
Go to Niagara Falls on US side (2013)
See Statue of Liberty (2013, 2017)
Visit Brooklyn Bridge (2015)
Go up the Rockefeller Centre (2015, 2017)
Go to the top of Empire State Building (2017)
Pay respects to  9/11 memorial (2013, 2017)
See Grand Central Station (2015, 2017)
Go to Coney Island
Go to American Museum of Natural History (2017)
Go up the World Trade Centre (2017)

See Times Square (2013, 2015, 2017)
Go on NYC Subway (2013, 2015, 2017)
Go to a Broadway show (2013 – Lion King, 2015 – If Then, 2017 – Aladdin)


Go to Machu Picchu
See Christ the Redeemer the statue
Go to Iguazu Falls


Experience Christmas in the snow
Experience Christmas in a different country
Go Travelling with my Best Friend/Friends to 3 countries (2011 – Bali, 2015 – USA, 2016 -Malaysia)
Visit all the Disney Parks (2/6 – California, Orlando)
Go to a wedding in another country (2013 – Scotland)
See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
Be to all 7 continents ( 4/7 – Australia, North America, Asia, Europe)
Live in another country for 6 months
Visit 30 countries by the time I am 30 (17/30 – Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Lichtenstein, London,Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America).
Take my little sister to Europe.